Wine-growers Satisfied with Vintage 2008
Good and first-class qualities lie in the cellar /
Crop yields ca. ten million hectoliters as in 2007

With very few exceptions, the grape harvest in Germany has ended. The crop yielded good to very good QbA and Prädikat wines in all regions. While the proportion of QbA in 2008 is somewhat higher than last year, top qualities with more than 200 degrees Oechsle could be harvested here and there.

At this writing, the overall harvest is estimated at 10 to 10.5 million hl, or about the same size as in 2007 (10.3 million hl). According to Monika Reule, managing director of the German Wine Institute/Mainz: “Thanks to positive domestic and foreign sales, the anticipated quality and quantity of vintage 2008 are just what the market needs.”

In all, growers are more than satisfied with the new vintage. “This year wine enthusiasts can look forward to lively, light white wines with a fresh, fruity acidity – the wine profile that is currently in vogue,” says Reule. “The reds are also promising and rich in color.”

Capricious weather during autumn proved quite challenging for wine-growers now and then. After favorable conditions in summer, with a good mix of sunshine and rain, relatively cool temperatures and some periods of precipitation in September curbed the ripening process. Particularly Silvaner and late-ripening varieties, such as Riesling and Spätburgunder, profited from the sunny weather later in autumn, which greatly fostered the development of typical varietal aromas. It remains to be seen whether vintage 2008 will be crowned with Eiswein.