Nahe, Main and Rhein GERMANY – the 2013-2014 Wine “Crowns” will be found alongside these three German rivers. Nadine Poss (22 years old) from Windesheim in the Nahe region was elected 65th German Wine Queen. She will be supported by Ramona Diegel from the wine growing region of Rheinhessen as well as Sabine Wagner from the Rheingau-region, both elected as German Wine Princesses.

All three will be representing German wines both domestically and on international level.

The deafening jubilance of each candidate’s supporters flared up in Offenburg when the results of the 80 person-head-jury were announced by Monika Reule, CEO of the German Wine Institute. This year’s German wine crown will go to the small wine growing region “Nahe”, Reule said at 10.14 p.m., at the end of the 2-hour live TV-show.

On September 13th, six finalists stood in front of 1,000 spectators and live television-cameras in order to convince the jury to select them as Queen, with their wine knowledge, charisma and spontaneity. They had to solve stylistic as well as oenological questions on wine. Nadine Poss was best in solving questions that could only be answered by having a vast wine knowledge.

In an elegant strapless evening dress the student of viniculture showed strong nerves and enormous charm. The 22-year-old from the family winery Poss in the wine growing region Nahe enjoys climbing and has spent half a year with a guest family in Spain. In the preliminary decision, Nadine proved her affinity for languages and for foreign countries with her faultless command of English. With her impressively confident performance she had already won the hearts of the jury.

Both Ramona Diegel and Sabine Wagner gave dazzling presentations during the preliminary round. On Friday evening they impressed with flawless performances. Ramona stood out with her description of the aromas of the white wine presented as did Sabine with quick-wittedness and urbane charm. “It will be more exciting than ever”, host Holger Wienpahl announced at the beginning of the show. Choosing the winners out of the strong finalist group of six was extremely difficult this year for the jury that consisted of eighty senior officials, wine experts and media.

For the first time ever, the finale was divided into two parts: firstly the group of three finalists who will be wearing a wine crown was chosen out of the six who had reached the second round. The final selection for the roles of Queen and Princesses was decided with concluding speeches in which each of the three described a special experience in their life. Nadine Poss described quite lyrically a hike with her family through Norwegian ice fields and ended with the statement “this is what initiated my pleasure for travelling abroad and getting to know other people and cultures.” At this point the jury realized: here stands an excellent wine expert with an aptitude for the international stage.

“ I didn’t expect this at all,” the completely overwhelmed new German Wine Queen cried out with tears in her eyes. “I’m very proud to represent German winemakers for the year”, she said. And the newly crowned Wine Princess Sabine Wagner added “We are black-red-gold”, hinting to the hair colours of the three wine majesties and their roles as new royal German wine trio.