Germany’s 66th Wine Queen is Janina Huhn from the wine growing region ‘Pfalz’. She was elected September 26th 2014 during a live TV show. Judith Dorst from ‘Rheinhessen’ and Kathrin Schnitzius from the ‘Mosel’ region were elected as Wine Princesses in the two hour contest. The indvidual performances were judged by a jury of 70 media and wine industry experts.

All three winners represent regions that belong to the state of Rheinland-Pfalz (Rhineland-Palatinate RLP) in the southwest of Germany. They will travel the world presenting Riesling & Co taking on hundreds of challenges on behalf of The German Wine Institute, an umbrella organisation of the branch. Janina Huhn (Pfalz), Judith Dorst (Rheinhessen) and Kathrin Schnitzius (Mosel) as well as their contestants from each of the other 13 wine growing regions had to express their wine wisdom and solve given tasks spontaneously during several rounds of the competition. They also had to improvise speeches in German as well as English language.