06/22/2021 Due to optimal weather conditions the vines in Germany’s 13 wine regions are currently flowering quickly and in warmer locations already complete for the early-ripening grape varieties.  


In 2021, the vines began to flower about eight to ten days later than the long-term average and harvest commences 90 to 100 days after flowering in Germany. Therefore, the main harvest for this year’s vintage (2021) is not expected to begin until mid-September. The first early-ripening grapes for the production of so called “new wine” (partly fermented wine known locally as “Federweißer”) will be ready to pick by the end of August.


Vine growth has literally exploded lately

Vintners follow the flowering of vines with great excitement each year which is a good indicator of what lies ahead. If it goes without any difficulties, then they can be hopeful for a good harvest. Alternatively, cooler temperatures during the flowering phase lead to lower fruit sets and correspondingly reduced yields.


After a comparatively cool and damp spring, the summer temperatures of the last few weeks have contributed to the vine growth, resulting in some shoots growing up to 30cm in a week! To ensure the wind does not damage the shoots, winemakers are working tirelessly to tie up vines and fix the wire trellis.