In the warm wine regions in Germany the vines began to bloom the end of May, eight to ten days earlier compared to the last 30 years. However, in the past week these regions have experienced cool and rainy weather subsequently, slowing down this process.  

Interestingly, blooming in the cooler wine regions are in full swing and the first small grapes can be found on vines in many of the vineyards.

This will ultimately impact the start of grape harvest. On average harvesting typically begins approximately 100 days after the vine has bloomed, therefore, we can expect the first vineyards will be ready for main harvest by early September. The so called “Ferderweißer” (new wine = partially fermented young wine) can be expected around mid-August.

Despite the much-anticipated rain, German winemakers are optimistic the vines will continue to bloom and the grapes will ripen as expected. We will be watching the weather closely as the next three months will determine the quality and quantity of the grapes for this fall. We are optimistic our vineyards will be sparred extreme weather conditions and drought brought on due to climate change.