03/24/2020 – In spring, the German Wine Institute (DWI) invited a 15-person jury of experts from 15 different countries to select “Germany’s Best Rosé wines and Sparkling wines 2020” from a total of around 200 entries.

Due to the special circumstances caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the winners were honored on March 23rd as part of a video message from DWI managing director Monika Reule.
(The video is only available in German).

In the sparkling wine category, the jury selected the 2017 Pinot Noir Rosé Brut from the wine and sekt estate Wilhelmshof in Siebeldingen, Pfalz. Second place went to the Pinot Noir Rosé Brut from the Eymann winery in Gönnheim, Pfalz, followed by the 2015 Le Grand Rosé Extra Brut from the Schloss Sommerhausen wine estate in the Franconian town of Sommerhausen.

Amongst the rosé wine producers, the Braunewell-Dinter team from Essenheim in Rheinhessen, was awarded the best rosé for their wine called “der Rosé“. In second place was the 2018 Rosé Fumé from Weingut Dr. Heger in Ihringen, Baden. Third place went to the Johanninger wine estate in Biebelsheim, Rhinehessen for its Spätburgunder & Frühburgunder Rosé from the Kreuznacher Junker vineyard.

The international jurors were very positively surprised by the level and stylistic diversity of the German rosés. “We wanted to achieve exactly this surprise effect with our Rosé focus this year,” explained DWI Managing Director Monika Reule. “Many experts, especially abroad, are not yet aware of how much the style of German rosé wines has changed in recent years. Today they are much more fruit driven, full of character and increasingly to be found in the premium segment. They are also excellent menu accompaniments and no longer perceived purely as summer wines,” says Reule.

The DWI will continue its theme of “Drink Pink!” at ProWein 2021, following the trade fair’s postponement this year.

In addition to the three winning wines and sparkling wines, the jury selected the following rosés from the top 20:

Wine Region Producer Vintage Category Designation
Rosé Wines
Baden Weingut Franz Keller 2019 Jeden Tag Rosé
Franken Divino Nordheim-Thüngersheim 2018 Pinot Noir Rosé
„Großes Gewächs“
Mosel Margarethenhof – Weingut Weber 2018 Lambertus Spätburgunder  
Pfalz Weingut Darting, 2019 Spätburgunder Rosé trocken
Pfalz Weingut Karl Pfaffmann 2019 Merlot Rosé trocken
Pfalz Weingut Schenk-Siebert 2018 Grünstadter Spätburgunder Rosé – Fumé trocken
Rheingau Weingut
Meine Freiheit
2018 Spätburgunder Rosé Pride Edition feinherb
Rheinhessen Weingut Dackermann 2018 Pinot Noir Rosé trocken
Rheinhessen Weingut Alexander Flick 2019 Rosé
Rheinhessen Weingut Georg Gustav Huff 2019 Rosé trocken
Rheinhessen Weingut David Spies 2019 Merlot Rosé feinherb
Rosé-Sparkling Wines
Pfalz Wein- u. Sektgut Ernst Weisbrodt 2017 Pinot Rosé brut
Rheingau Wein- u. Sektgut Barth Pinot Rosé brut
Württemberg Weingut Bernhard Ellwanger 2016 Muskat-Trollinger Rosé Schorndorfer Grafenberg brut


Video: Drink Pink! – Germany’s best rosé wines and sparkling wines awarded by DWI-managing director Monika Reule.
(The video is only available in German.)

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