The German Wine Institute (DWI) has honoured 50 wine bars with a new award last year. The winners – from estates in all 13 wine regions – were selected from some 200 entries, by a panel of experts, according to a strict set of criteria.

“With these award-winning bars, we want to show wine-loving consumers where they can taste wine in a stylish atmosphere and with a high quality of service directly at the producer´s, and thus to create additional incentives to visit Germany´s wine regions”, explained DWI managing director Monika Reule at the award ceremony in Ingelheim. Besides an appealing architecture and interior design, the judges therefore also evaluated aspects such as regular opening times, seating arrangements, product presentation, further information on the region, vineyard tours etc. Other criteria included the professional competence and foreign language skills of the employees.From an architectural point of view, the 50 award-winning wine bars represent the wide spectrum of modern Wine Country Germany, ranging from stylishly renovated buildings – in part heritage-listed -, to spectacular new constructions with impressive views of the vineyards. “The wine trade has invested a great deal in attractive architecture in the past few years,” Reule pointed out. “This will become increasingly important in order to succeed in our highly-competitive wine market.”

All 50 wine bars were presented in a 114-page special issue of the travel magazine, “Abenteuer und Reisen” under the heading “”Wines of Germany”, which was available at newsagent´s across the country. The publication also includes short portraits of all the wine regions and of young, wild winemakers, as well as a brief explanation of the typical aromas and flavours of Germany´s most important grape varieties.

The DWI features its award-winners online under germanwines.de/tourism/outstanding-vinotheks. The estates can also be found on the interactive map on the home page of the DWI website.

Overview of the 50 “Top Wine Bars 2016”:

Ahr Weinmanufaktur Walporzheim Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler
Baden Weingut Weber Ettenheim
Baden Weingut Engler Müllheim
Baden Weingut Andreas Männle Durbach
Baden Weingut & Weinhaus L. Bastian Endingen am Kaiserstuhl
Franken Weingut Reiss Würzburg
Franken Meier Weinerlebnis Markt Nordheim
Franken Weingut Rainer Sauer Escherndorf
Franken Weingut Rothe Nordheim
Franken Weingut Rudolf Fürst Bürgstadt
Franken DIVINO Nordheim Thüngersheim Nordheim/Main
Franken Weingut Behringer Abtswind
Hessische Bergstraße Bergsträßer Winzer Heppenheim
Mittelrhein Weingut Matthias Müller Spay
Mosel Weingüter Rolf Gansen/Karl Andries Ernst
Mosel WeinKulturgut Longen-Schlöder Longuich
Mosel Weingut Ludger Veit Osann-Monzel
Mosel Weingut F.-J. Regnery Klüsserath
Mosel Rebenhof Riesling-Manufaktur Ürzig
Mosel Weingut Leo Fuchs Pommern
Mosel Weingut Axel Pauly Lieser
Nahe Weingut Emmerich-Koebernik Waldböckelheim
Nahe Weingut Tesch Langenlonsheim
Nahe Gut Hermannsberg Niederhausen
Nahe Weingut Poss Windesheim
Pfalz Weingut Ökonomierat Isler Neustadt an der Weinstraße
Pfalz Weingut Josef Köhr Ruppertsberg
Pfalz Schloss Janson Bockenheim/Weinstraße
Pfalz Winzergenossenschaft Herxheim a. Bg. Herxheim am Berg
Pfalz Weingut Fritz Walter Niederhorbach
Pfalz Klosterhof Weinvertriebs OHG Zellertal/Zell
Pfalz Weingut Holz-Weisbrodt Weisenheim am Berg
Pfalz Weingut Nicole Graeber Edenkoben
Pfalz Weingut Ralph Anton Kirrweiler
Rheingau Wein- und Sektgut Barth Hattenheim
Rheinhessen Weingüter Willems & Hofmann Appenheim
Rheinhessen Weingut Wasem Ingelheim
Rheinhessen Weingut Espenhof Flonheim
Rheinhessen Weingut & Weinparadies Meyerhof Flonheim
Rheinhessen Weingut Wolfgang & René Peth Flörsheim-Dalsheim
Rheinhessen Weingut Eppelmann Stadecken-Elsheim
Rheinhessen Weingut Pauser Flonheim
Rheinhessen Weingut Mirjam Schneider Mainz
Rheinhessen Weingut J. Neus Ingelheim
Saale-Unstrut Wein- und Sektgut Hubertus Triebe Zeitz-Würchwitz
Sachsen Weingut Schuh Sörnewitz
Württemberg Weinkonvent Dürrenzimmern Brackenheim-Dürrenzimmern
Württemberg Genossenschaftskellerei Heilbronn-Erlenbach-Weinsberg Heilbronn
Württemberg Weinkorb Vinothek
Weingüter Singer & Bader
Württemberg Weingut Bihlmayer Löwenstein